The Center for Natural Intelligence

a multidisciplinary laboratory dedicated to the exploration and research of psychedelic-assisted psychotherapies 


We envision a new paradigm in mental and planetary health, in which people have access to the highest quality integrative psychotherapeutic treatment, catalyzed by holotropic medicines and practices. 



The Center for Natural Intelligence is located in New York City with an affiliated retreat center in the Hudson Valley. We are a clinical practice and an incubator for research and innovation, where reimagined psychotherapy is an entry point for transformation. Critical to our offerings is our belief that human and planetary wellbeing is inherently connected to our relationship with the natural world. ‘Nature’ as a homeostatic facilitator is woven into our methodology and approach.



We begin the following services with individual assessment and evaluation for tailored treatment. Our clientele includes individuals of all ages who are striving for relief from mental, social and spiritual suffering, a resolution from trauma and its resulting negative patterns and impediments and a desire for transformation, greater presence, connection, and well-being.

Individual Ketamine assisted psychotherapy

Group Ketamine assisted psychotherapy and integrations 
Retreats aimed at intensive therapy and growth 
Consultation, training, and supervision grounded in clinical models
Articles, research reports, contemporary opinion
Clinical trials


We employ a diverse team of psychiatrists, psychotherapists, somatic therapists and leaders in science and consciousness. We share a collaborative framework that weaves together but is not limited to professionals trained in neurobiology, psychoanalysis, Internal Family Systems, addiction support, breath work, sound, color and somatic healing, and contemplative practices. As a team we are all deeply committed to our own inner work, supervision and to fostering an atmosphere of creativity that promotes the artistry of all these modalities. As providers we are inspired to work in an environment that facilitates spontaneity and the practice of an art form to create a new approach to healing.


We consult and collaborate with other colleagues and enterprises in this emerging field. We are informed by the pioneers and practices that have paved the way for this confluence of consciousness research, modern medical breakthroughs and scientifically supported interventions. Our practice is grounded in openness, collaboration and a commitment to a broader mission of human betterment and integrative, planetary health.



Gita Vaid MD

Barry Walker, M.Ed., LMHC

Monica Winsor


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